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Topo survey, stake out, deformation measurements etc. can be performed by LEOP

Also special applications like for example distance measurements at athletic games like the Dutch championships are done by LEOP.  Also experience with working in the Czech republic and Saudi Arabia.


Instruments: LEOP has a robotic one man total station, with radio and optical communication possibilities.(Topcon GPT-9003A with FC-200, RC-3 and RS-1) Also a GPS rover and base set including processing software (Topcon hiper pro)

Surveying on construction sites


The shape of buildings and offices becomes more and more complex. In the past everything was perpendicular, but nowadays the angles are not always perpendicular and the walls are circular or even ellipse shaped.

This demands more and more from the person who controls the position of everything on the construction site. In the past everything could be done with theodolite, but this is not realistic anymore and more and more total stations move into the construction sites. This requires additional training for the people on site.